Our causes

Global M&A Partners and its member firms are firmly committed to supporting educational and medical charities operating in the third world and have also financed directly infrastructure projects such as a hydro-electric dam in Ethiopia.

Our most recent collaboration has been to provide approximately one third of the funds to build a modern secondary school in the Rift Valley in Kenya, in the town of Langalanga. The school is now fully functional and is building up to full capacity of 480 students of between 13 and 18 years (currently 240 attend). GMA is proud to have enabled the completion of this project which boasts 12 classrooms, 3 science and IT laboratories which are on a par with any first world country, a library and an assembly hall. This school with educate many generations of young Kenyans for years to come.

Other projects financed by GMA and its member firms include:

  • Paying for 300 cleft surgeries for children with no access to medical care in countries like India, China and the Philippines.
  • Building a modern hydrotherapy pool and rehabitiation centre for individuals who have lost limbs in the war in Afganistan.
  • Setting up and Ffnancing a centre in The Gabon to combat child trafficking.
  • Financing mobile medical response units in Ethiopia as well as missionary posts in that country.